Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olive Oil Not good for Indians - Use our Groundnut Oil

Groundnut Oil Vs Olive Oil

Nowadays you can see there is lot of TV Ads regarding Olive Oil on Indian TV Channels. Now that west has decided to sell its unhealthy, more fat, not suitable to Indians body conditions and un-suitable for Indians to eat. This olive oil may taste good for some people in india because of eruct acids and Trans fats present in it. Truly speaking this oil is a taste oil but not a healthy eating product. Don’t know why Indians are eating this shit, when we have our own native oils like groundnut oil and sesame oil which are elixirs in their own. Our grandfathers and old generations used to have only groundnut oil. It was main cooking oil for them. Its fat was healthy as compared to other oils and was good for health and indian conditions.
Now the west is eyeing indian consumer base which is one of the largest in the world for cooking oil consumption. To sell Olive oil in india they are eye-washing Indians by not disclosing its side effects for Indians.

1.      Two tablespoons of olive oil has more than three times saturated fat of a 4 ounce chicken breast.  Olive oil is a mono saturated fat which contains 120 calories and 14% saturated fat. It nullifies the benefits derived from the oil.
2.      Oil is another processed food. It is typically refined under heat and pressure. This partial hydrogenation changes the molecular structure and burns the omega 3 fats and produces eruct acids and Trans fats during the refining process.
3.      Olive trees produce pollen that causes seasonal respiratory allergy in some people.
4.      If large amounts of olive are ingested it causes diarrhea to the people allergic to its use. Too much intake of olive oil cause unpleasant symptoms of gas. This even might be an indication that your body is consuming more fat and is unable to digest it.
5.      As olive oil is a mono saturated fat, there is a good argument for replacing other cooking oils with the same. But fat is fat. Whether you take coconut oil, butter or oil, eating too much fat gains you weight. Mix olive oil with vinegar to reduce the calories.
6.      The liver produces bile and is stored in the gall bladder, when olive oil and other fats are taken in bile is secreted to emulsify the fats. Being overweight, there is a risk of getting painful gall stones or having the gall bladder blocked.
7.      Olive oil reduces blood pressure and blood sugars. The intake of olive oil should be neglected if you are taking medication for diabetes or blood pressure, as it may lower them down to a great extent.
I would suggest people to stick to our native oils which are grown on our soil. Groundnut oil, sesame oil are great oils and have good health benefits. If you use  groundnut oil which is not chemically refined would give good health benefits. There is something called Filtered Groundnut oil which is very good for health.

Don’t use this Olive oil which don’t have any use to us and don’t provide any health benefits to Indians.

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