Friday, May 3, 2013

CHINA INCURSION - Indian sovereignty under question!

The time has passed, now we cant say “Hindi-Chini bhai bhai”. Now we should be seriously think of  China as a Big Threat to our nation.It has paased all its limits as a decent friend and is challenging indian sovereignty 19-KM incursion what Chinese have dared, this will not go as “GOOD” in India-China relationship History. Now the china had come into Despang valley in the Ladak region, within a night, the Chinese army has pitched tents over there and the indian army came to know of this situation after 1 day of this incursion. China says its army is doing normal patrolling operations, but patrolling and pitching tent inside 19km of LAC(Line of Actual Control) is something not at all normal. This is an intentional trick or provoking by Chinese army, thus telling Indian army that its your turn to do something.

Indian Government :
1.       What indian government is doing?
2.        Why the foreign affairs ministry is silent?
3.        What is Man-Mohan Singh as PM doing?
Does the central government don’t have any Gutt’s to faceoff Chinese. Doesn’t Indian and China have Economic Ties, if so then why don’t the government Cutt-Off trade with Chinese. Threaten China of serious Economic consequqnces. We have many Indian Companies working over there like InfoSys,  Reliance, Satyam…etc. Why cant we tel them to withdraw their business operations. Anyhow we know that they are starting of software operations and they want to compete us in software space. So they are actually taking a lot of training from indian software giants. Why don’t we cut this Off?
Indian Citizens :
1.       What our indian citizens are doing? Busy watching IPL.
2.       Why the today’s youth not thinking of this? Today’s youth are COOL DUDE’s, they don’t care about India as a country. All they are worried about is MCDonald’s, KFC, Pizzahut,Bar Shops….weekend parties.
3.       Why don’t we take candle light marches for this issue, but only raise voice for Kejriwal and delhi rape victims. Atleast we could do this peace march, because we are champions of peace & non-voilence funda…..

Indian Politicians :
1.       What indian politicians are doing? Busy campaingning for elections.
2.       Are our leader’s really so impotent?
3.       Are they busy attending IPL matches?

Why the Indian media, especially our English Media are silent on this. Are they scared of losing TRP’s for this IPL season? They don’t want this story to take over IPL effect on all media channel’s and as wells as political compulsions as we have elections going on in Karnataka and LokShabha  elections very nearing.
This is not the Chinese doing  this for the first time. They have violated this, many times in ASSAM, Arunachal Pradesh & Kashmir Regions. This is the time we citizens put some pressure on politicians, government’s to take serious action for this Chinese act. Otherwise country and country-people will be laughable material for other countries like Pakistan. Open your Heart and Brains for this.

-Jai Hind


  1. Govt is acting with responsibility. This has nothing to do with parties and politics. BJP is giving full support as an opposition to Govt. Any small mistake or war related action by INDIA in borders might trigger 3rd World War. But, it is high time for us stop thinking about world peace and mind our own business.

  2. Govt of India acting responsibly with border disputes. Any mistake in aggression by India leads to war and it might end up to see 3rd World War. But, unless peace is not followed by neighbors, there is no use in working for world peace. It is high time for us to mind our own business, let it be 3rd world war. Teach a lesson to Chinese & Pak.

  3. The leadership is so weak that, they are not able to handle the situation.Capability should be the main criteria to select the post of the ministry, not how loyal you to a particular family. It only makes India weak. Family to have its sway, creating a weak administration.