Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cow Dung-ed Floors & Walls

Cow Dung-ed Floors & Walls

In ancient india, all the indian homes had cow-dung pasted floors. This was because it had many benefits ranging from antiseptic properties to keeping ground and home always warm. New layer of cowdung or old layer of cowdung is removed in every cold and rainy season and a fresh cow-dung paste is applied throughout all floors and walls. Cow-dung when it dries becomes very solid as a cement and is also a poor conductor of moisture and maintains warmthness inside the walls and on the floors.

You may have heared from your doctors saying keep your feet warm in winters and rainy seasons so that your body will not loose temperature by walking on today’s modern marble stone floorings and you will not fall sick. Even Ayurveda says, keep your feet always warm in winter’s and that’s the reason why western cold countries use leather shoes and woolen socks to cover their legs and feet. However Indians knew this way long back and used this naturally available cow’s dung to plaster their floor’s and walls. When woman, work in home, they encounter with water several times, chances of their feet becoming wet is high. That’s the reason why rural indian woman’s still use cow-dung flooring, such that when they walk bare foot in the house, their feet will not catch cold.
But today’s modern houses floor are made of marble’s, different kinds of stones. These marble stones are very heat resistant and are always cold in nature. Its hard to walk on them nowadays with bare foot in winter seasons.

What happens if my feet is not warm?
You will be prone to all cold related diseases. Like cough, cold, body aches, muscle catches, numbness in the muscles and so on…. Numerous ailments. So keeping your floors and walls pasted with cow-dung, you will be safe from all cold related ailments and diseases. Our ancestors knew it way long back, they used this natural, non-harmful technique to keep themselves warm. But nowadays, current generation uses all costly things to keep them warm, Costly sweaters, leather shoes, woolen socks.
If you keep your walls and floors warm, I can say u can walk bare foot and can wear very less clothes to keep yourself warm. Marble stones are very attractive, looks luxurious but people who live inside this kind of house invite all ailments and woman at house nowadays are much prone to cold and are getting all kinds of ailments at very young age. Its better that we understand why our ancestors did, followed this vedic way of living and were far healthier than us. Atleast apply the cowdung paste in corridors, where we walk regularly and if  you want luxurious look in your bedrooms, there you can avoid it. In this way we can live a happy, healthy life.

Lead life the vedic or old traditional way. Its time-tested by generations.

Jai Hind

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