Thursday, October 24, 2013

Temple Body Rolling Excercise

The benefits of temple body rolling excercise is immense. i have given this excercise the name "Temple Body Rolling" excercise, because this is generally done in indian temples. The physical benefits of this excercise are :

1. Good blood circulation in the entire body.
2. Huge amount of fresh blood is pumped to brain and other parts of the head.Thus curing many head and brain related ailments.
3. During this excercise we inhale lots of oxygen, and this is good to rejenuvate body cells. And if this excercise if done in open space like Temples, Mountains you get fresh oxygen to inhale.
4. Due to rolling excercise your entire body gets good physiotherapy massage. Thus giving you a good relaxation to muscles.People who have insomnia or sleeplessness can try this, you can get a sound sleep for hours.
5. All Tridoshas of the body will be balanced by this excercise. Bile,Mucus & Air.
6. All the gases which are struck in intestine,stomach in the body come out of the body and you feel very light and relaxed.
7. If you do this excercise regularly you excretary system gets good blood curculation and its functionality is improved.
8. Immense sweating takes place while doing this excercise, especially your head region and mid body sweats a lot. Sweat removes all the waste and dead cells from the body.
9. Do this excercise atleast once a week for 3 to 5 minutes.
10. Our ancestors did this as a belief, but i can say this has tremendous health benefits and magical cures to many ailments.

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